trusts, trusting, trusted
1) VERB If you trust someone, you believe that they are honest and sincere and will not deliberately do anything to harm you.

[V n] `I trust you completely,' he said...

[V n] He did argue in a general way that the president can't be trusted. [Also V]

Derived words:
trusted ADJ-GRADED ADJ n

After speaking to a group of her most trusted advisers, she turned her anger into action.

2) N-UNCOUNT: oft poss N in n Your trust in someone is your belief that they are honest and sincere and will not deliberately do anything to harm you.

He destroyed me and my trust in men...

You've betrayed their trust...

There's a feeling of warmth and trust here.

3) VERB If you trust someone to do something, you believe that they will do it.

[V n to-inf] That's why I must trust you to keep this secret...

[V n to-inf] They argued that the ruling party could not be trusted to oversee its own removal from power.

4) VERB If you trust someone with something important or valuable, you allow them to look after it or deal with it.

[V n with n] This could make your superiors hesitate to trust you with major responsibilities...

[V n with n] I'd trust him with my life.

N-UNCOUNT: also a N
Trust is also a noun.

She was organizing and running a large household, a position of trust which was generously paid... Although I didn't betray a trust, I feel I behaved shabbily.

5) VERB If you do not trust something, you feel that it is not safe or reliable.

[V n] She nodded, not trusting her own voice...

[V n to-inf] For one thing, he didn't trust his legs to hold him up...

[V pron-refl to-inf] I still can't trust myself to remain composed in their presence.

6) VERB If you trust someone's judgement or advice, you believe that it is good or right.

[V n] Jake has raised two smashing kids and I trust his judgement...

[V n] I blame myself and will never be able to trust my instinct again.

7) VERB If you say you trust that something is true, you mean you hope and expect that it is true. [FORMAL]

[V that] I trust you will take the earliest opportunity to make a full apology...

[V that] We trust that he and his department are considering our suggestion.

8) VERB If you trust in someone or something, you believe strongly in them, and do not doubt their powers or their good intentions. [FORMAL]

[V in n] For a believer, replies to all the questions about life and work are far different because he trusts in God...

[V in n] Don't blindly trust in the good faith of any government official.

have faith
9) N-COUNT: also in N A trust is a financial arrangement in which a group of people or an organization keeps and invests money for someone.

You could also set up a trust so the children can't spend any inheritance until they are a certain age...

The money will be put in trust until she is 18.

10) N-COUNT: supp N, oft in names A trust is a group of people or an organization that has control of an amount of money or property and invests it on behalf of other people or as a charity.

He had set up two charitable trusts...

The National Childbirth Trust has recently conducted a survey of 1,271 new mothers.

11) N-COUNT: supp N, N n In Britain, a trust or a trust hospital is a public hospital that receives its funding directly from the national government. It has its own board of governors and is not controlled by the local health authority.

St Mary's Hospital in Paddington became a self-governing trust this week.

12) See also , unit trust
13) PHRASE: PHR after v, v-link PHR, oft PHR for n If something valuable is kept in trust, it is held and protected by a group of people or an organization on behalf of other people.

The British Library holds its collection in trust for the nation...

Works of art are in trust to us during our lifetime.

14) PHRASE: V inflects If you take something on trust after having heard or read it, you believe it completely without checking it.

I decided to take the Bible on trust, and live as if it were true.

15) tried and trustedsee tried
Phrasal Verbs:

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